Monthly Archives: January 2018

Follow Bailey’s on Facebook!

Bailey’s Facebook postings continue to be a preferred way for customers to know about great deals and specials quickly. Bailey’s currently has nearly 22,000 followers and has set personal records of nearly 100,000 views and over 1100 shares on their Melissa and Doug toy sale in June. Did you know about the great banana give away, the huge 5 semi load washer and dryer sale, or the recent 80,000 lb. candy sale? If not, follow Bailey’s today and you’ll know about all of the latest and greatest deals!

Huge Variety of Canned Goods

Bailey’s probably has more cans of fruits and vegetables on display than any other store in the country. Their last count was over 40,000 cans on display. Bailey’s price on 15 oz cans of vegetables is 2 for $1.00 and fruit is $.89 or 12 for $9.00, which is impossible to beat. How do they do this? It’s a family secret and when grocery buyer Emily Max was asked, she replied, “No comment”. Several employees are talking about different ways to avoid these aisles for the upcoming inventory.

Major Appliance Sale

Did you know that Bailey’s has over 400 major appliances on display? People have been driving from a 100 mile radius to save 40%-60% on many different name brands. Some have a minor scratch or dent but all appliances still carry a full warranty. One customer was able to find Kitchen Aid appliances for their whole house and saved $5000! These are selling about as fast as they are unloaded, so our inventory is changing daily.